Top 4 Amazing Websites

Top 4 Amazing Websites

Hey Guys, Welcome Again with some new stuff. As we all know Internet is vast and no one know whats on the internet , So we have to update daily, Here are some websites which will blow your mind.

ZOOMQUILT ~ Infinite Zoom

ZOOMQUILT is a website which have image and that have infinite zoom or we can say a never ending image. As soon as you open the website you will see above image and it will start zooming without doing anything or any click , This will blow you mind while starring at zooming image.

ZOOMQUILT Alternatives ~

Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer is a website with its amazing feature , as the name says Pointer Pointer it will going to point your you mouse cursor. As soon as you open website and move you mouse pointer anywhere on the screen and hold for some time then you will see there will be a image come which will point out your mouse cursor and thats look so amazing.


EssayTyper is a amazing website which will generate an essay on any topic just you have to type the topic name and the you have to click on the pencil icon , it will open a new page now you have to press any key from your keyboard and it will start writing the essay on the topic..


Worldometer is a website which provide the live information of daily happenings like – birth, death, sale,purchase , environment etc. What happening all over the globe it has full information and live updation.

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